Saturday, June 12, 2010


FINALLY!!!! I finished this mini album that I had been workin on since April :) Well it took me this long because I would work on it a little bit at a time but last weekend I got it all completed - woooooo hoooooo!!!!!

First of all I want to thank her niece MONI for making this all possible. My boss kept telling that she wanted to take pictures with all her cousins, aunts, uncle and friend. Of course if I would have shown up with the camera, she would have suspected something so I called my partner in crime, Monica, and she gladly agreed to take the THANK YOU MONI FOR ALL YOUR HELP IN MAKING THIS POSSIBLE. I LOVE YOU AND MIKE WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!!!!

OK so my boss turned 56 in March and she gave herself a nice big birthday bash. Her home is like right out of a Home and Garden magazine.....the back yard is nice and lush and the pool is ........ well AMAZING!!! The night was was not hot and not cold - it was perfect!!!

I wanted to make her this mini so that she could treasure the memory forever. She had lots of friends and family with her to share this special moment. I made some tags so that her kids and niece and nephew could add more pictures to it if they wish or perhaps for some journaling.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

Hugs, T


  1. She's going to love it, please tells us her reaction toyour mini. I need to finish up my schooling to be a lawyer. This mini will be a nice release for her, Way to go

  2. Holy moly, mama -- this is stunning!

  3. This is just gorgeous! I'm sure she loved it. What a great job. TFS, Mary M

  4. Thank you so much!!! I have a video showing it a little more on my utube channel (TERIBERI2).

    OK her reaction......well she looked at it a few times that day and she just kept saying how beautiful it was.....this party was so amazing and such a success that she was just laughing and having a great time remembering that night through this mini. Her daughter kept telling me how impressed she was with it....she is so sweet!!


  5. So pretty Teri!! LOVE this! :-)

  6. yes, T, this was one beautiful layout your layouts and mini books almost as much as i love you...he he he regina

  7. Simply beautiful album to treasure for always! You're amazing, girl!!

  8. WOW Teri!! THIS IS AMAZING!! You did such a BEAUTIFUL Job!! I know this album will be Treaured FOREVER!
    Big hugs,