Monday, February 14, 2011

Donna Downey inspired ♥ Mother/Daughter aprons (HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!)


This past weekend was so amazing. My daughter and I have been planning for a few weeks now to make our very own Donna Downey inspired aprons. I had placed an order for some Donna Downey foams stamps....iron ons, etc. My beautiful friend Rose did a video of her altered apron which turned out AMAZING!!! I was so excited when I saw her post because these aprons were on our mind.

On Friday, Kasi and I put down brown paper on the floor and set out all the goodies. First thing Saturday morning, we started our aprons. WE HAD A BLAST!!!!! After our aprons she wanted to work on painting some canvas pieces and we did just that. We spent the ENTIRE day crafting. She is truly inspired by Donna Downey. As soon as I come in the door from work on Wednesdays she tells me...."uuummm mom, it's Inspiration Wednesday" and after dinner, we watch the videos together. We have even gone back and watched all the videos Donna has on her You Tube channel. (We ♥ Donna Downey!!!!)

Donna will be in FL on the 26th of February and Kasi told me that all she wanted for her birthday (2/20) was to take Donna's canvas mini album class but I told her that I waited to long and that the class was "SOLD OUT". Well about a week and a half ago I called the LSS and booked that last two spots available for the Saturday class. I can't wait to see her face when she finds out we are actually going to not only MEET Donna Downey, but we will be attending the class. I'm super excited. I have a special surprise for her but I will post it on February 20th......

Anywho - I hope everyone had a beautiful Valentine's day with their loved ones......I know I did!!!!

Here I leave you with our mother/daughter altered aprons, Kasi's altered canvas to me and the Valentine roses from my amazing boys!!

Hugs to all,

This is my apron:

This is Kasi's apron....she made is all by herself except the sewing of the laces - I did that for her. She chose her colors, the canvas bird, flowers and stamps. I LOVE my little crafter!!!!

And our little CUTIE at the door of our craft room just looking at us......she's so awesome!!!

My beautiful Altered canvas from my princess...she totally LOVES the "Dripage" technique!!!

The roses from my boys.....


  1. Happy Valentine's day my friend. Your aprons came out great. Please tell Kasi that I love the colors she picked. They are so bright and cheery just like her. Those flowers are beautiful. Enjoy them Sis. Hugs, Sis...

  2. LOVE both your aprons...such a fun thing when mom and daughter can share crafting together! Thanks for all the happy projects you've shared with us.

  3. You weren't kidding when you said they looked nice. I love them both. Yours is gorgeous and looks very chabby and Kasi's is so cheery. I want one. I will have to go out and apron lift your idea. I will probably never wear it since it is so pretty, I would hate to dirty it with glues and paints and chalks. LOL. I will display mine. Happy Valentines day to you also.

  4. WOW! Such talent ooozing out in that house girlie! I love all your projects from both of you and your boys are awesome for giving you such beautiful roses! WONDERFUL family you've got there my sweet friend! HUGS!

  5. Love them both. I couldn't even pick a favorite. Crafting with a daughter can be fun.

  6. Wow! They came out so beautiful!! How fun that your daughter enjoys crafting with you!! What a great way to spend quality time together! TFS!

  7. Teri, they are both adorable!!!!! I love the fact that your daughter is as creative as you are!!!!! Beautiful!!!!

  8. happy belated valentine's day Teri! the aprons look awesome!

  9. Girl, wow I had no idea they turned out so pretty. Love the little bird. What beautiful flowers you got from your boys.

  10. omg oh my gracious these aprons are so darn pretty....oh my...hugs

  11. Wow!! kasi did such an awesome job on her apron. It turned out so cute, and just btw so did yours :) now I want one.

  12. You two look so sweet. Mother and daughter bonding. Do you also do card making together?

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