Saturday, February 19, 2011


Just the other day I gave birth to the most beautiful little girl in the world.........and tomorrow, she will be TEN!!!!! They grow up WAY to fast :(

Each and every day I thank God for both my children and my wonderful husband. I am even more grateful that my daughter loves crafting as much as I do and that my son has a passion for baseball and cars as much as his dad. We share very special/unforgetable moments together and we will cherish them forever.

Speaking of special moments, her birthday gift, as you may have read in my prior post, is Donna Downey's new Butterfly mini album class which is next Saturday 2/26 at my LSS. She has no clue that I was able to get the two last spots in the class.

I was so inspired by the page Donna Downey made in her journal last week for Inspiration Wednesday, that I totally lifted the idea for Kasi's Birthday card. I KNOW she's going to love it but what she is going to love even more is........OK I can't tell you BUT stay tuned and sometime tomorrow I will post a short video of her opening the card.......

Now I leave you with some photos and if you want to check out Donna Downey's art journal page that inspired it all - click HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Hugs, T


  1. I'm so happy for ypur Kasi, that you were able to get a spot in the class. She is going to love it.
    Your card to her is gorgeous!Happy birthday Kasi. Have FUN.

  2. Happy Birthday Kasi.Hope you have an exciting day...enjoy, and keep on crafting with Mom...Hugs C's Mom

  3. Happy Birthday Kasi. Hope you have a wonderful day. Congrats on the last 2 spots in the class. You have the most amazing MOM. Thank her everyday for giving you life.

  4. Wow.. That's a beautiful card. She must have been so delighted.