Saturday, March 5, 2011



This weekend hubby is taking down the closet in my scrapbook room and closing off the 9' sliding glass door which takes up most of the 11' wall!!!! I wish I had known how dusty it was going to be.....I would have taken EVERYTHING out of that room. I covered my desk but everything else will have to just be. I see myself in this project for well over a month because we are leaving next weekend for a mini family vacation and will not be able to resume the work until the weekend of the 19th.

After he patches up the walls, adds the texture and the wainscotting to the bottom half and paints, I will move the Expedit unit and Bakers rack to the corner where the closet used to be so he can work on the sliding glass door. That wall will also require a lot of work.

Once ALL the work is completed, I plan on making a trip to IKEA with my friend Ana to get a few pieces I want in the room (Book case, Wall shelving, etc). After it's all set up, I will clean it and start the organization process.......I see myself organizing for months but I want to get it done right this time!!! I want to label everything and make the room as functional as possible.

OK now I leave you with a few pictures....Thank God hubby LOVES construction work and he's a PERFECTIONIST when it comes down to it!!!!! When he was taking down the closet he tells me "WHO BUILT THIS THING.....WOW THEY DID A GREAT JOB!!!!" of course HE did it but it has been 10 years and he built it to NEVER BRING IT DOWN!!!!! LOL.... We got a good laugh!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Hugs, T


  1. Wow, T... at least you will a lot more space. Can't wait to see it all done. Hugs..

  2. OM Gosh, I am so happy for you. I can't wait to go to IKEA and start the organization process. I am super excited. I hope you have covered everything now. You don't want more dust getting in your stuff. Grab an old sheet and throw it on all of the stuff. Take your punches down and cover those. You don't want the dust in them because it may not let them function correctly later. LOL.

  3. WOW Teri, I'm so happy for you and the new space you will be getting. How fun to go shopping with Ana. It's going to be so pretty, like you room is already gorgeous. Have fun on your family trip!!!

  4. I feel for you, but the end result with be so worth the dust and the mess. Can't wait to see the end result. Hang in there! :)


  5. How exciting, you will have a new and improved space. We had all our floor tile removed and rooms, furniture and cabinets were all covered in plastic, and even with that everything was still covered in dust. Can't wait to see your after pictures.

  6. What a tall room!

    Kathy Brockman

  7. Yippie!!! Que rico, amiguita!!! I cant wait to see the new studio. It's gonna be AWESOME!!!
    Hugs :)
    May God Bless you

  8. Wow awesome Terri! How exciting I can't wait to see the end result!