Saturday, May 28, 2011


Got to spend the entire day with my parents while the kids were in the pool. Later in the afternoon my niece was getting ready for her prom. She looked spectacular...her hair, makeup, the shoes and OMG the dress. Her boyfriend looked sharp too :) It was such an emotional moment for me - I even cried....I LOVE that girl as if she were my very own daughter.

Here are some pictures.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend!!!

Hugs, T


  1. Wow! Teri, she is definitely beautiful! I don't blame you for being proud!
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Wow... She looks like Miss Venezuela !!! GOSHHHH so pretty !
    ~Maria Elena~

  3. oh my they look so beautiful together and that dress is gorgeous....he looks handsome...cute couple....

  4. She looks like a movie beautiful! Really cute couple. You have good reason to be proud. Love ya!

  5. So happy for you to have been able to spend time with your parents and the kids were able to enjoy the pool. Your nieces dress is really pretty. I love the shoes. I don't know how they can wear those big heels and dance all night in them. But I guess we also did it and when we got tired we took them off. They must do the same.

  6. OMG terri, how sweet that you got to see her and spend some time on such an important day for your family. She looks beautiful, I love her eye shadow, they did a great job. You still have time to get all mentally ready for Kasis, lol.

  7. She is a beautiful and elegant girl & I love her dress! Such a bold and fabulous choice ~ not your typical prom styles dress AT ALL, so I am sure there was o one else there who could hold a candle to her!

  8. What a beautiful for the dress, spectacular! Hope they had a special and fun time (it goes sooooo quickly). Thanks for sharing.