Monday, July 11, 2011


WOW it's been such a fabulous five days.  My 23 year old step daughter arrived last Wednesday from NY and we just had such a wonderful time with her.  The kids were stuck to her like gum on the floor hahahahaha.  

Friday night Kasi, her and I had a mother/daughter Girls Night Out at Starbucks.  We took pictures, talked and laughed.  Saturday morning we took her for a hair cut and to get her eyebrows waxed.   After the beauty treatment, we did a little shopping - fun fun fun!!!  It was an awesome mother/daughter day with my girls....brought back lots of wonderful memories ♥   Later that evening we all took her to dinner.  Sushi is her favorite food so we took her to a restaurant my brother and SIL recommended to us and it was DELICIOUS!!  She even taught Kasi how to work the chop sticks. 

Sunday we spent the day with family.  Took her by my mom's house and spent a few hours with them in the pool.   Went home and had an awesome BBQ.    Of course I took lots of pictures for future layouts.

She leaves tonight at 10pm and we will miss her terribly.  We are looking forward to her next visit - maybe in December for Christmas - YAY!!

I hope to work on some layouts this week.  Next week I'll be on a camping trip with my kids and parents - can't wait for that.

Have a fabulous week!!

Hugs, T


  1. Great pictures! Your step daughter is beautiful ~ she fits right in your beautiful family!
    Thanks for sharing your happy moments!

  2. Aye, I'm soo happy you guys had a good time together. She is beautiful and the five of you together look soooo happy. :) Mercy

  3. What beautiful times together. I can't wait to see these pictures scrapped! Too bad you have to wait until December to see her again.

  4. Beautiful family Teri :) Its so wonderful that you have such a great relationship with your kiddos!

  5. Is that you Teri? You look like a teenager? Your hair is darker? OMG. How fun!!!! I miss New York Mamma. I bet she had a blast with you guys. Christmas is right around the corner. I love when my family visits from back east. Miss you!