Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hello friends!!  I have been MIA for some time but I have been spending tons of quality time with my family and everyone who knows me well, knows how important they are to me......they come first!!!  We have been to the beach, took a mini camping trip with my parent and even took the kids to see the movie SMURFS this weekend with my brother and his family.  We had a BLAST - what a cute movie.  My brother and I kept talking and laughing throughout the entire movie as it reminded us of our younger years.  The kids spent the night at my brothers house on Saturday and hubby and I had a Sushi dinner date - it was amazing!!!

I have been wanting to scrap, I even have 5 storyboards printed and ready to be scrapped, but I've been so busy lately.  Hopefully this weekend I can get at least ONE page done :)

Everyone who has a craft room knows there is ALWAYS some reorganizing to be done.  That is EXACTLY what I have been doing the past couple weeks.  I ordered these Stufftainers by Stampendous so that I can organize ALL my wood mounted stamps:

The ones I ordered are the THICKER containers because they work best to store the wooden stamps.  I don't have that many but the ones I do have, I want to organize by category.

I also ordered some Paper storage from Oriental Trading.  I had never seen them in person so I always hesitated to order.  My super sweet and talented friend, Dayami has them.  The other day while at her house, I remembered,  so I picked one up, checked it out and WOW they are awesome.  I get so much inspiration from her and that fabulous room she has - super bright and cheerful just like her :)  - thank you amigita ♥   I currently own the Cropper Hoppers and they work, but the ones from OT are just as sturdy and since the front is a bit lower, you can see your pattern papers better - not to mention they look A LOT PRETTIER - I LOVE THEM!!!!!  I love the fact they have a metal pull in the front as well as a metal bookplate.  I can't believe I didn't get them sooner.  

Speaking of pattern papers, my fabulous friend Mercy, of Mercy's Pages, came over Friday night and helped me sort all my papers by company - I LOVE THIS SYSTEM!!!!  I separated the holiday/theme papers - for example:  Christmas; Halloween; Thanksgiving/Fall; Valentine; Baby, etc.  They are all ready to be stored in their new home - YAY!!

After I organize the papers and stamps, I want to organize my ribbons and embellishments.  I promise to add update pictures on my blog.

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!

Hugs, T


  1. Hi T!!!! How are you doing??? Gosh I miss you, ladybug! Hope you're having a fabulous summer and enjoying life! Love you and hope to chat soon! hugs!!!

  2. Hi Teri! Hope you finish soon so you can show your new room.

  3. Welcome back! Sounds like you had a ton of fun & now have bunches of memories to scrap! :D Thanks for the update on the storage. I just switched over my paper storage from horizontal to vertical in the last week or two & I really love it! I am slowly switching over from color to manufacturer & I agree that it is the way to go!

  4. So gald that you are having a super fun summer with your family.
    Keep us posted on the detail of your gorgeous room. It looks perfect to me, but I'm sure that there are always little bits. I know you and Ms Mercy must of had had a frun time.

  5. Glad to hear your spending some time with the family. Looking forward to your next creation. :)

  6. i'm doing the same Teri, stepping back from the projects and trying to enjoy life, and cleaning closet and craft room, ALMOST THERE!! i'm sure yours look AMAZING!

  7. Hi Teri!! You know my mother....Celia. small world!
    Loyal blog follower for some time now. Family time is definitely first than anything else. I'm constantly organizing my craft area. it's a work in progress. Hope to see pictures soon.


  8. Those containers are awesome Teri! I bought the last 2 from Alin Party Supply when they closed their store for like $2.00 each. I'm still organizing my Scrapbook Room. It's taking forever. I'm dying to share it already! I'm glad you're enjoying so much time with your family. I feel the same...family comes first!

    Your room is so beautiful! Miss you...