Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tag You're It!! Top 20 Crafty items in 2011

Hey scrappy friends!!  I've had such a busy FUN weekend!!

Friday we went to my brothers house for my nephew/godson's birthday party.  We got there late (NOT typical of me) but I had a ton of errands to run before going :(  We had a great time.

Then Saturday, Kasi and I attended the baptism of MAX.  He's my BFF's son and he is so yummy and delicious!  The boys could not make it because Damian had a baseball game :(    It was the most beautiful baptism I have ever attended.  The pastors message was powerful and the ceremony was quick.  After the event, they had lunch at a beautiful restaurant.  My friend Tery is very crafty so she made all her invitations, keepsakes, flower arrangements and even the banner.  EVERYTHING was just PERFECT!!

Today after attending church with my friend Dayi, we went to my cousins house for her daughters birthday party.  Got to play with my baby nephew (he's soooo YUMMY).    I'm all partied OUT hahaha

My super sweet sister Christina (Creations with Christina) tagged me on a video of your top 20 crafty items for 2011.  I had SO much fun creating this video.  I'm sure I left out tons of things but hey, it was supposed to be ONLY 20.....I think I went over 20 hahahahaha

Anywho, here is the video.  Hope you enjoy!!!

Hugs, T


  1. I watched her video the other day and thought, "COOL! She mentioned Teri". I might have just fallen from the tree (Is that a Cuban saying or what?) but she's not your real sister is she? Anyhow....thanks for sharing your crafty faves and for the December daily. I always look forward to your posts.


  2. HI Dorcas!! she's not my "real" sister but I love her like a real sister!! She's very special to me. I have a few scrappy "sisters"!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :D HUGS, T

  3. Love you too sis :) Loved your video and sounds like you had a fabulous weekend :) Hugs, C

  4. Loved your 20 favs!! xoxo Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Inieka

  5. Thanks for sharing Teri. I missed hearing your voice! I share a lot of your loves but found a few new ones, as well! Still thinking about that Silhouette!

  6. Thanks for sharing sis....LOTS LOTS LOTS OF GOOD ya

  7. loved your "Favorites" video. It's wonderful day when we can scrap and use our special tools.

  8. Hi, I just finish viewing your top 20 video and was so surprised to know we share almost all the same scrapping tools, except for the martha punches and the twine. I also loved that you mention sweet kathryn from the scrap beach. I take her online UStream classes and also Laura Dennison from follow the paper trail. They just came back from Cha 2012 and did videos and brought back samples of the awesome stuff they saw there for us to view. I am new to scrapping so Thanks so much for doing the video. you have a beautiful blog and I like viewing your wonderful creations. Hugs and God bless