Monday, February 13, 2012


I couldn't help but make my new baby a dust cover.   I am by NO MEANS a seamstress hahahaha but my sis Christina of Creations with Christina, posted on her blog the other day how she made her cover.  You can see her post HERE.  She got the instructions from THIS blog.  These instructions were for a Silhouette SD but I just changed the measurements to fit the Cameo, traced the ends of the machine to get the correct pattern and BINGO.....this is what I got (thanks sis for your guidance):

After I put it all together, I realized I wanted to add the ribbon with a bow to break up the busy pattern of the fabric.  With a little thinking and a little sewing, I got it to work.  Then I pulled out a prima flower and that added the final touch.

I chose this fabric because my Cameo sits on my Expedit which has baby pink cubes and the turquoise would just not match :(  It's OK...I really love the way it turned out.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Have a fabulous Sunday and God bless!

Hugs, T


  1. Its so beautiful sis. I love that pattern and the ribbon and flower make it complete. Hugs, C

  2. Yes, it really came out great, I am a seamstress, and by looking at the photos I can tell that you sew pretty good. It is so pretty,love the color fabric pattern and ribbon and the flower as a final touch. TFS

  3. Beautiful! May i ask if you cut the exact shape of the ends of the Cameo,or just kind of a loose rounded shape? I'm trying to figure out how to cut the end pieces.
    Thanks so much!
    oh-i found you via your sis's blog! 2 talented ladies!

  4. Hi Dawn!! OK I took a piece of card stock and placed it up against the end of the Cameo (I backed it with a book to make the tracing easier) then I traced it the exact shape. When I placed it on the fabric, I cut it 1/4" wider than the pattern and when I got to the part where it's jagged, I just cut it straight up and didn't follow the exact edge on that section. If you need anything else, please email me ( Hope that helps. Hugs, T