Sunday, February 26, 2012

PROJECT LIFE!!!! (Organization video and Album share with Weeks 1-8)

Hello friends!!  As usual, I've been super busy lately hahahahaha what's new right?  Project Life has been such a blessing (Thank you Becky Higgins).  I get to "scrap" and "document" our life so much quicker.  If I want the bells and whistles one week, I add a few more embellishments and if not, I just add pictures and journaling cards and VOILA it's complete!!  Every now and then I will add a "layout" page for special event or if I have to many pictures that week, I will create a collage layout using the Kerri Bradford Storyboards.

Here is just a quick share of two videos I posted on YouTube.

The first one is my Project Life 2012:  Setup / Organization:

The next one is my Project Life 2012:  Album (Weeks 1-8):

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!

Hug, T


  1. You make me want to organize...You know I'm so nutty about

    Love your album sis. It's looking fabulous, I'm having so much fun with mine and every time Ethan sees me with the camera he says...Project life? hehe.
    Hugs, C

  2. it T....can't wait to get my studio one day...your such an inspiration...hugs

  3. Thanks for posting the videos, I have started a blog and I'm new to project life. I just bought 2 albums and the core kit and a bunch of those page protectors and the cordinating card stock all from Becky Higgins. Your organizing video was great and I also viewed your album video, Its really coming out beautiful and it's a great idea to post more pictures of yourself for when the kids are older and want to see these albums they can see there beautiful Mom. Hugs and god bless

  4. Love your project life album... I am doing a much smaller scale similar project using a smash book for 2012. I call it my happy times of 2012...Just trying to document the fun stuff that you wouldn't normally think to scrap. Thank goodness for cell phone camera's. Gets all the shots I would miss with no camera. The work you are putting into this is a labor of love!

  5. Thanks for sharing this idea. I'd never heard of it. I love all your pocket inserts and all the colors you used. Great organizing.


    x0, D

  6. i love that you did your daughter shaving her legs for the first time! LOL that is so funnY!

  7. How do you print text messages ? I am not at all "techy" ! I have a Iphone, please help!