Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PROJECT LIFE: Weeks 7-12

Hey y'all.  Just wanted to share with you my Project Life Weeks 7-12.

I have already completed Weeks 13-16 and half of 17 so stay tuned for more videos.  I'll be breaking them up a bit so I can get into more detail about the supplies I use ;)
Enjoy and God Bless!!

Hugs, T


  1. Hi Teri-
    My bestfriend lives in Ft Lauderdale so I feel like I almost know you! Ha,ha,ha...I love your work and your PL insipred me so much that I just got home with 10 new rolls of glitter tape. It's AWESOME! I'm working PL too and needed to make some little filler page protectors so I purcased a cheap $1.99 album at Michael's and tore out a few pages. I cleaned up the edges and then made a spine from the glitter tape. I punched 2 holes right thru the tape and voila! Quick and oh so pretty. I also visited Dayami's blog and love her work as well. I'm a follower of Nichol Magourik and Laura Vegas. I'm actually friends with Laura and live about 20 minutes from her here in sunny California.

    Anyway, love your work.
    Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!

  2. Loved reviewing this video again...very inspirational! Thought of you yesterday as we were down at Redlands Farms for the orchid show. My family actually wanted a strawberry shortcake from Burr's Berry Farm but we were disappointing to see that they were closed...oh well. Can't wait to see more of your PL.