Friday, October 5, 2012


YAY!!  I just LOVE when Becky makes these available.  I downloaded her last set and have used them in my PL album.

Yesterday, her and her team shared tons of new ones that are sooooo super CUTE!!!  I ran home, downloaded and printed them all out on Epson Presentation paper.  You can see my 3x4 and 4x6 cards on Instagram (TeriBeri2) and Twitter (TeriBeri2).

Anywho, you can check out the Freebies HERE!!!  She also has new downloadable backgrounds for your iPhone and iPad - YAY!!!

I hope to be sharing some more pages in my Project Life album next week :)

Chit chat soon!!

Hugs, T


  1. thanks for your comments on my IG feed.. re my plants we're bringing to FL... where are u in FL?? maybe we'll be close... I'm a Project lifer too... we'll be living in Ormond Beach!

  2. HELLO!!!!
    Oh your plants will thrive in FL ♥♥♥ The weather here is beautiful. I live in S. Florida (Miami). Your by Daytona Beach (NICE!!!) You are going to LOVE living here. We go to Orlando about once or twice a year to visit my by hubby's side of the family so next time we go, I'll let you know. Maybe I can drive up for a day!! I've subscribed to your blog. I see your Insta pics all the time and they make me smile. Hugs, T