Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I'm sooooo looking forward to all my upcoming weekends this month!!!

This Sunday, we will be celebrating my Grami's 95th BIRTHDAY!!  Woooooo hooooo God bless her soul ♥♥  She is the cutest thing every....take a look:

.....she is mushable and she laughs sooooo cute!!!  I LOVE my Grami so much.  During the summer the kids and I visited her so many times.  She was so happy ♥♥!!!

Then the following weekend my daughter will be doing the second part of her community hours which are part of her IB Program requirements.  This past Sunday she completed 4 hours at PetSmart (good thing she didn't come home with another dog although she confessed to me she really wanted to lol).   On October 20th, we will be attending the Susan G. Komen / Breast Cancer 5K walk in Downtown Miami woooooooo hooooooo!!   My fabulous niece Jessica, will be joining us BFF told me she and her family will be attending!!! YAY...her baby is so cute.  We are so excited for this awesome day.......spent with SPECIAL PEOPLE for a SPECIAL CAUSE!!!  Can't get better than that can it?

This is a very meaningful event for my daughter.    As most of my followers already know, she grows her hair to donate it for cancer patients. She is currently growing it to danate it for the FIFTH TIME!!!!! We will be doing this walk in memory of a great friend which we lost to Breast Cancer 3 years ago this month.

Last night we got matching shirts and Kasi even got socks.  She will also be wearing a beautiful pink scarf my friend Mabel made her a few months before she passed away.  I will NEVER forget the day she gave it to her.....She took off her hat and told Kasi, "Baby, this is what happens to cancer patients that undergo Chemotherapy.  Because of your love and dedication, we can have wigs.  This scarf I knitted especially for you to say THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for making a difference and for always helping those in need.  God Bless you!!!"  (I can hear her saying it as I type it :'(  it was a very touching moment for our family.  We will never forget her.

Here is my baby girl.  We are so proud of her and I'm sure my friend would be too! 

Our family will always support this cause.  Here is my son with his pink wristbands which he will wear to every baseball game this month.  His Tia Julie got them for him and he was so happy.  She actually got it for her two baseball players as well.  (Baseball is BIG in our family!!!  Most of the boys play this amazing sport!!!)

Then the last weekend of this month is my nephews Baptism.  What a special moment.  I can't wait to spend time with my entire family.  LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!  Look how big Andrew has gotten.  We went to visit him the other day and all he did was smile.  He even fell asleep in my arms that night aaawwwww.  I ♥ him so much...and Austin too of course.  Here are some pictures:


Finally, October 31 we are all getting together at my sisters house for some pizza and fun activities with the kids.  YAY!!!

Can't wait to document this month in my Project's going to be so very special.

Hope everyone has a super fabulous week and I'll be back soon with some new PL updates.

Hugs to all!!!!
Teri ♥♥♥

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  1. Teri!!!! What an amazing post! You've brought tears to my eyes!! What a wonderful month for you and your family! I miss you soooooo much!! I wanted to pop in and tell you I think about you a lot. Hope things are going very well for you, although it sounds like life it being very good to you!
    big hugs! Sharon