Friday, February 22, 2013

PROJECT LIFE: Week 3 & 4

Hi friends!!  Just wanted to share with you my Project Life pages for Weeks 3 and 4.  I am LOVING the new Studio Calico Project Life kits.  I also discovered the card kits which work PERFECT with the Project Life kits.  Hhhhmmmmm, I may have to subscribed to that one as well lol

Here are the pictures and video for January!!!

Hope you enjoy.

Hugs and blessings,

Project Life:  Week 3

Project Life:  Week 4


  1. These are amazing! Love how you captured each treasured moment.
    How did you get such clear photos of your layouts, great job!
    I was also wondering if you knew much about the Citrus Twist project life kit clubs. I know you love Studio Calico (as do I:)

  2. Hey girl!!! Thank you for the sweet comment. I set my DSLR camera on a tripod so that it doesn't move as I take the picture. I position the camera looking down. I put my layout on the floor near a window with good lighting then I take the picture. It's been really hard for me to learn, but I kept practicing and figured out exactly the right place in my home. The sun has to be out nice and bright too.

    I only heard of Citrus Twist once because I think Amanda Caves ordered the December Daily kit. Other than that I have not. I should look into it.

    Thanks for the info!!!

    Hugs, T

  3. Hi sweetie your PL layouts look amazing! You should def start looking at some design teams to join. You will def get selected and will have tons of free goodies to play with! I hope to learn to be half as good as you at PLing someday! Xoxo hugs

    P.s. it would be great if you showed a how to make a pl layout like the steps you take to complete a page :)

  4. Aaawww thank you Pallavi. You are so sweet. I really enjoy Project Life so much. Maybe one day, I will try a "process" video ;) Hugs, T

  5. Not sure if my earlier post went through..Hi again Teri! I really think you should subscribe to the Citrus Twist PL kit here's a sneak for March's kit. I think they are pretty similar to the SC kits.