Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hi friends.  I'm back to share with you my Project Life updates.  Below are two videos as well as pictures of the spreads.

Hugs and blessings, T

Weeks 5 & 6:

Weeks 7 & 8:




  1. oh sis i can't wait to see your redesigned room.....hugs and kisses........

  2. I love your pages! They are so creative. All of the extras you take the time to create really make them special. I love your color choices too.
    I'm a bit behind (on week 12)so seeing your beautiful inspiration is very encouraging to me. Thank you.

  3. love your project life pages. So much fun and so much detail. I started PL this year myself and have been having a great time doing it.
    I do have a question....are you using templates for your multi photo prints? And if so...where did you get them? I have some wonderful templates from The Lily Pad but I like yours with the rounded corners. :)

  4. Thank you for the sweet comments!!
    TenSGal I use only Kerri Bradford templates. They are super nice and on some you can even choose the borders. Check them out here:
    I think you will love them

    Hugs, T

  5. Thanks for the reply, Teri! I'm a little confused tho....her storyboards don't look 4x6 sized. Are you just adding a heavier white boarder around, in general?



  6. Me again! :) thanks for stopping by with your post about Kerri's things. I have actually shopped in her store before and have taken all of her Silhouette classes at Jessica Sprague. You are right...she ROCKS!
    and your pages rock with her things! :)
    I actually found some great 3x4 and 4x6 templates at The Lily Pad (Designs by Lily)...some of which you can see here:
    I love all these things to help our PL's be fabulous! And yours are!!!
    Off to shop at Kerri's now! ;)