Wednesday, June 10, 2015, life, etc.

Hello friends ❤
This will be a long and photo heavy post so sit back,
grab and cup of coffee and ENJOY THE RIDE!!! 

Our daughter Kasi graduated from Middle school this year.  I can't believe she
is starting HIGH SCHOOL!!  How did this happen????
We are however, so proud of all her accomplishments.  She earned her certificate
for having completed the three year IB program for French in Advanced, Honors and a gifted class with amazing grades.  

Here are some pictures from her prom.  She looked like a princess.....

Pedrito doing her hair....
and Maggie doing her makeup.....
Pedrito cut 4" off her hair first, blowdried it then used a large curling iron.  He clipped
all the curls and told me to take out the clips right before she left for the event.
Here are some photos right before she left the house: 
Of course since her hair is VERY HEAVY and long, the curls turned into some
amazing beach waves by the time she left for the party.  It's exactly the look Pedrito wanted 
to accomplish :)
Here she is getting into the limo:
can you see the difference in the curls???

(Don't mind the blue color polish on the toes in this picture.....these were taken
when we got home from shopping and she was trying it all on together)
The dress is from Nordstrom and the shoes from a local boutique.

Here is her hair the day after.  She's always wanted a "V" shape and after
her second hair cut, it's looking FABULOUS!

Next up is my birthday week.......woooooo hooooo!!!!!
It started with "date night" with our friends Norma and Jay.
This couple is amazing....I can't even begin to tell you how special they are to us.
Our boys have played baseball together for the past four years and we are truly
blessed to have them in our life.
Norma and Jay have been married for almost 30 years.....such an inspiration!!!
Great friend make such a HUGE difference ❤

and here is a photo collage of my birthday night (June 1st)
celebrating with the three most important people in my life.....and our two pups of course ;)
This year, I turned 45 and let me just say....

and to finish off my birthday week....I took a ME DAY off from work
and got my hair and nails DONE!!!!!
There is nothing like the feeling of a fresh cut and color - woot woot!!!

Finally, Saturday was such an amazing day
(do I always say everyday is AMAZING? lol)
well it was.......
I met up with my bestie and her family for Oliva's baptism class.
I don't know if I share with you all or not, but the day of the baby shower,
my bestie shared with everyone that she had chosen ME to be Olivia's
godmother......She surprised me with a was a shirt that said
"GODMOTHER" and when I opened it and read it, I cried!!
Tery and I have been friends for 17 years.
She is my bestie, my sister.....I LOVE her with all my heart!!

Here is a picture of the godfather and I with Olivia, my bestie and I 
with Olivia and of course, me with my beautiful goddaughter!!
It is a true blessing and I can't wait to share this special even
with all of you.

After the class, I met up with my friend Norma for some coffee
at our favorite place "Starbucks" of course.
We sat there for more than two hours just chit chatting.....about
our new journey with Origami Owl, family, life, etc.
We have such an amazing bond!!

I have to say, I am truly blessed to have these two friends in my life and
even more blessed to have ALL OF YOU!!!!

Life is good....God is good!!!

Weight loss updates coming soon.......THIS journey is AMAZING!

Hugs and blessings, T


  1. Teri, you are Blessed! Can't wait to hear more about your Weight Loss! God Bless!

  2. Teri, Happy Birthday! You look fabulous and you are radiant! Hugs, Shelly

  3. OMG Teri what an awesome Pic and Story share I did grab me a Kuppa Kuppa as you invited me to and truly enjoyed it all. Your daughter looks so beautiful and definitely like a princess and Happy Birthday....what a sweet couple you & your hubby make he's so handsome and you are so beautiful that was fun to see how you celebrated you total birthday festivities and last but not least your pics with your sweet goddaughter Oivia she's so precious!! Thanks Teri for sharing it all this was fun. YOU so ROCK!!

  4. You look amazing Teri! Isn't 45 the new 35??? lol I'm 55 and I feel great in my but in body I feel 100, so I'm glad that you are healthy and feeling good! Keep up the good work! You look great with your family and looks like you had a great time with your friends. How awesome that you got to be Olivia's Godmother, enjoy!!! Hugs, Brenda