Friday, November 30, 2007


Wooooo Hoooooo so I got the best news today.........I received an email from Paper Trends that one of my projects will be published in the APRIL/MAY Paper Trends!!!! I am so happy. I want to thank all my friends for their wonderful inspirations. I especially want to thank my friend/sis Regina for always being there for me - I couldn't have done this without you sis!!!!

Thanks to all my friends for your support and wonderful comments always!!!

Hug always,


  1. oh sis, i am so darn proud of you...and hey i just gave you the vehicle...but you drove it home all on your own.....i will be looking forward to many many many more pub's from your awesome ya regina

  2. Oh my sweet friend Ms Teri!!!!! You are so deserving of being published...this is such awesome news!!!! Of course I think all of your work should be published!!!!

  3. I just found this post... How wonderful to get published. That is MY next wish for me.
    Congrats, Teri. You do great work. Yep you do.