Friday, June 12, 2009


YES - it's that time again!!!! Our daughter is donating her hair for the second time tomorrow!!!!!!!! We just had it trimmed a month ago to assure she was donated the healthiest hair possible. For those of you who don't already know....her is a little story:

When Kasi was 4 years old we took her brother for his monthly trim. While there, there was a little girl donating her hair and she asked me why she was cutting her pony tail COMPLETELY OFF so I explained to her how Cancer worked and how the little kids that had this disease lost their hair during treatments. I further went on to explain how the girl was donating it to a special charity called LOCKS OF LOVE where they take the hair and make wigs for those children in need.

When we left the salon - she told me that she wanted to grow her hair and also donate it. Sure enough - a week before she turned 6, she donated it. Here are some pictures from that year:

First donation: February 2006:

After she donated it, she immediately looked at me and said "Mommy, I want to grow it and donate it AGAIN!!!!" She turned 8 in February and she is now ready to donate it for the 2nd time. We are so very proud of our little girl.

Tomorrow, I will post more pictures!!

Big hugs, T


  1. This is the sweetest story.....I'm sure that you are very proud of her. What a special little girl you have :)

  2. Oh Teri, what a precious little girl. She is such a beauty and what a sweetie to do this again and again!

  3. How awesome is that! I'd be very proud of her. Very caring and giving of someone her age. You've certainly taught her right.

  4. awesome! two of our dd's have done this and one is almost long enough to do it again:)

  5. My 16 year old son donated 15 inches of his hair to Locks of Love. It was very emotional for everyone in our family. His hair was very beautiful & the healthiest chestnut brown the beautician had ever seen. It's a wonderful organization & our son really made us proud that day, too.
    Love all your creations. Your very talented.

    Lori Hulstine