Monday, September 17, 2012

Just a small update :)

I'm here :)   My blog has been down for a few days because I was trying out different setting but I ended up with the simple/clean look which I ♥.

It's been a very trying few months of September 5th,  I feel as if a huge load of darkness has lifted from my shoulders and I feel AMAZING and most importantly very peaceful!!!  I thank God for my husband/best friend.  Our conversations always make me feel so much better.  He listens to me without interruption and at the end, he talks to me and makes me feel so good about my decisions.  I ♥ that man!!

So I came across this photo on Instagram:  (I ♥♥♥ Instagram!!!)

and you know what.....IT'S SO TRUE!!!!!  I have learned so much the last 3 years of my life.  I'll just leave it at that lol

I've been working on Project Life and will be sharing a couple layouts and PL weeks with you shortly.

Now that school has started life is hectic.  With my son in the all day gifted program (WOOT WOOT!!!) and my daughter in the IB Program (WOOT WOOT!!!), there are tons of things going on at home not to mention....BASEBALL 4 times a week!!!  We spend one or two days a week at the library for study time and we have friends come over for study time and projects.  It's been great but very very busy.

Before I go, I wanted to quickly thank all my amazing friends and family for understanding that I HAVE A LIFE!!  Not only am I a full time paralegal with a tons of responsibilities at work, I'm also a full time mom and wife.  My play time, phone time and blog time is extremely limited.  I am grateful for the REAL people in my life that understand that once I'm home, my family is my #1 priority!!    I LOVE YOU GUYS WITH ALL MY HEART!!!

Big hugs to all,


  1. Wow that quote is SO true. Thanks for sharing it! I am glad you have more peace in your life! Enjoy this crazy time of your life because they so quickly grow up and are gone! All the very best to you my friend! Hugs! Shelley

  2. Completely understand Teri. I love my hobby but my priority is to my family and that leaves me with very little time for anything else. Enjoy life and if you have time to record the memories of it then that's a bonus. Thanks for keeping it real. :) You're the amazing!

  3. Our daughter was in the gifted program and honor roll in high school and the committment was hugh so I can imagine how busy you are.

    I love your work and spirit and will look forward to your next post even if it takes a while!

    A new friend in CA!

  4. I love the simple look of your blog sis. That's what we need to do. Keep it simple so we have more time to spend with our families. You have two precious kids and one amazingly supportive husband. Love you all. Hugs from your PA family. AKA long lost sister :)

  5. HI Teri,

    Just want you to know I love the your blog and all your creative talent that you share with all of us who follow you. You "keeping it real" is soooooooooo refreshing because I think people forget that the Bloggers we follow are REAL PEOPLE with REAL LIVES outside their passion they share with us. Thank you for sharing who you are as well as your talent. You are such an inspiration to all.

    Hugs and blessings,

  6. Amen T Amen T......we are so lucky to have wonderful husbands in our life....totally ya

  7. We love you too Ms. Terrie. I do so understand about you and your hubby, that is the way it should be. My hubby is too my best friend and will never guide me wrong, even when we had our ups and downs. I LOVE that quote, so very true. Welcome the light.Loving your new blog look.
    Sending blessings y besitos.