Monday, January 12, 2015

My thoughts on 2015 and some 2014 shares (photo heavy)

First of all.....
Hope you all had an great Christmas and New Year!
In today's blog post I just wanted to reflect on 2014 and talk about my goals for 2015
in both my crafty life and my personal life.
First off, I wanted to share some family photos from Christmas and New Year:
This was my besties Annual Tree Trimming party.  The theme was "Tacky Sweater"
Here I am with my goddaughter Olivia ♥
and here I am with my bestie and her sisters (my sister too....LOVE these girls with all my heart ♥)
Next up is Christmas Eve/Day.  We celebrated Christmas Eve at my younger brothers home
with friends and family.   I created this large polaroid frame, wrapped it in glittery gold tulle, added a red bow and cut out the 2014 using my Silhouette.  I also cut out props
from my Silhouette (Mustaches, santa hats, santa beards and even a HoHoHo sign)
Next up are all the little handsome guys in
our family!  (We are missing the oldest nephew in this picture.)
This year for Christmas, the kids wanted to enter into their own sibling "exchange".
I took them each shopping with a little budget and they chose
what they would get each other.  It was the CUTEST thing ever and
will now be a new tradition in our home.
and now for the New Years Eve pictures.  OMG we had so much fun.  We
celebrated it at my older brothers home with friends and family.
Again I created large polaroid frame but this time, I wrapped it in silver ribbon, added
a silver chevron bow and then created the "2015" banner using
MCT products and seam binding.
The frames were a hit at both events!
♥ Hubby and I ♥
♥ My babies ♥

I wanted my husband to take a picture of the girls and I with the frame.  He was getting a
little annoyed and said "OK I'm just going to take picture after picture after picture" so we
started laughing at him.  I totally fell in love with this spontaneous picture ♥
This is how I spend my entire holiday seasons.......laughing!!!
Pre-party mother/daughter selfie lol 
If you follow me on IG, you KNOW we are always taking selfies ;)
here is just a picture of the girls taking a "Selfie" of themselves (caught them just in time).
Here is youngest brothers Weimaraner.   Since we dog sat him for a week right after the holidays, the scrapper in me just HAD to take this picture........look at his pose how cute! 
He is such an amazing dog.

Here I am with my blessed to have them in my life ♥

and now some random photos of Thanksgiving.
 As some of you may know, I have two step daughters.  They both
moved to Florida in 2014 and it has been amazing.  They visit often, especially
for the holidays.  It was GREAT having them home again.

and one more random mother/daughter photo to share:  
Although 2014 was an amazing year for me and my crafting,
I decided to take a much needed break.  This doesn't mean I am quitting 100%,
it just means that I will crafting at my own pace.....
I can't promise weekly or monthly shares, but I will
post from time to time the things I am working on.
Remember that I am a MCT Alumni so you will be seeing me around ;)
Last year, I went on a personal weight loss journey and lost 74 lbs and feel extremely healthy!
Here are some before and after pictures:
After getting the news from my doctor in January of 2014 of being borderline diabetic, things needed
to change immediately.
My father and one of my sisters has diabetes as well as one of my nieces so I freaked out!
I started eating healthy and walking 3-4 times a week.
My goal for 2015 is to lose another 20-30 lbs and step up my
workout game.  I want to tone up and add different
activities to my routine.
Looking forward to an amazing 2015!
One things for sure.....I will be enjoying the little moments
with my family and getting even healthier ♥♥
See you soon my friends!!!